Muhamad Sahlan

Assistant Professor S.Si,
Institut Teknologi Bandung, 2003
M.Eng, TUAT Japan, 2007 Dr, TUAT Japan, 2010

Field of Interest:
Protein engineering; protein vehicles for nutraceuticals; biocatalysis


“Excellent Researcher” from Indofood Riset Nugraha (2012)
“Care for Lupus SDF Awards” from Syamsi Dhuha Foundation (2011)
My research interests are about proteins engineering such as protein for medicine like Apoptin, casein micelle for micro-nano encapsulator herb’s extracts and enzymes extracted from venom of starfish. 

Apoptin as Selective Killing Tumor Cells 
Apoptin, a small protein encoded by chicken anemia virus (CAV), has great attention in last decade because of its ability to induce apoptosis of tumor cells selectively. We had been expressed the protein in Bacillus subtilis in soluble form and xylose-dependent inducer. Our goal is to produce the recombinant apoptin for next generation cancer medicine, as cheap as possible.

Casein micelle as micro/nano-encapsulator 
Casein micelles are fractionated in nature to concentrate, stabilize and transport essential nutrients, mainly calcium and protein, which mean casein micelle is natural nano-delivery system. Several studies indicated that casein micelle able to encapsulate several compounds such as vitamin D2 and curcumin. Thus, my interest is to study micro/nano- particle containing Indonesian Herbs extract with casein micelle. we already success to encapsulate Indonesian propolis, Phaleria macrocarpa [Scheff.] Boerl. (PM) leaf extract and so on.


Sahlan M., Savitri IKE, Prasetyo AA, Onuma C., Ishikawa S., Malik A., and Ogasawara N.,” Efficient Expression of Recombinant Soluble Apoptin in Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis” Intr. J. Chem. Env. Biol. Sci, 1 (1), 207 – 210, 2013
Sahlan M., Supardi T. “Encapsulation of Indonesia Propolis by Casein Micelle” Intr. J. Pharma and Bio science 4(1), P 297- 305 2013

Method of Liquid Indonesian Propolis Production (submission number): P00201200878
Production of Nano “Mahkota Dewa” by Casein Micelle Method and Product (submission number ):
Commercial Products: Indonesian Propolis “Ar-Royyan” and “Mutiara Ibu”


Sahlan, M. and Yohda, M. (2013) Molecular chaperones in thermophilic eubacteria and archea. In thermophilic microbes in Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology, Satyanarayana, T., Littlechiled J. and Kawarabayasi, Y. (Springer)


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